Smartsville Roof Replacement Services

Roofs are exposed to the elements every day. Precipitation, as well as the sun and heat, can necessitate the need for roof replacement. When that time comes, Frye Roofing is the name to call for roof replacement in Smartsville, CA. We help you add value to your home or business, to keep it protected from the elements for years to come.

Roof Tear Off

Our commercial and residential roofing services include roof tear off. If your home or business has more than one layer of shingle applied, an entire tear-off is usually necessary. This messy job involves removing nails, shingles and other debris. We get the job done quickly, but always ensure that your yard and other features of your property are well-protected throughout the entire process. Our professional team takes every precautionary step to ensure that nothing gets damaged and that your property is primed for new roof installation.

Protective Layer On Roof

Backside Valleys

Roof Replacement

Once the existing roofing system has been torn off, we install quality roof replacements in the material of choice. We specialize in installing metal roofs, which are highly efficient, durable and attractive in any setting. Our roof replacement services are comprehensive and include new shingles/tile/metal, new vapor barrier and flashings, waterproofing and more. The end result is a beautiful, dependable new roof that will stand the test of time.

Roof Recovery or Overlay

If tear-off isn’t recommended, we can install overlay roofing, or a new layer of shingles, directly on your existing layer. It creates a second barrier against weathering and the elements. This solution is more affordable than complete replacement and, in some cases, it can be done in as little as a day. Our team approaches overlay roofing with an exceptional eye for detail, giving you all the benefits of a complete roof replacement without the expense.

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Frye Roofing is the leader in roof replacement in Smartsville, CA, providing a new roof that shelters your home or business for years to come. We promise quality workmanship and always use the best materials in the industry, adding value and beauty to your property. Schedule an estimate by calling us today at 530-913-7663.

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